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Matsue Castle

Matsue castle is one of only 12 remaining original castles nationwide and was designated as a national treasure in July 2015. The watchtower on the top floor offers a lovely panoramic view of Matsue city and Lake Shinji.

Tottori Prefectural Flower Park

Tottori Flower Park, one of Japan's major flower paradises, overlooks the magnificent Mt. Daisen. You can enjoy different seasonal flowers and greenery all year round. *Please refer to the official website for details on business hours, illuminations, etc.

Miyajima Misen Daisho-in

Miyajima Misen Daisho-in opened in 806. This prestigious temple has the longest history in all of Miyajima and even the famous Hideyoshi (feudal lord and chief Imperial minister; 1585-98) held a tea ceremony there. Come visit and you can experience copying Buddhist scriptures and tracing Buddhist images.

Kikuya Residence

This incredible house was owned by a wealthy merchant of the Kikutani domain and is a nationally designated important cultural property. It was built in the early Edo period and has a 400-year-old history.  

Okayama Korakuen

Okayama Korakuen is an Edo period Japanese garden at its finest. Along with Mito Kairakuen and Kanazawa Kenrokuen, it is considered as one of three best landscape gardens in all of Japan!

Tsutenkaku Tower

The tower symbolises the Naniwa district. Enjoy the panoramic view of Osaka from the observatory deck, where the statue of Biriken, god of happiness, delivers you good luck!


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